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Our adoption package

Looking for a special gift for you or a loved one? Why not adopt one of our gorgeous Alpacas. Every adoption package runs for a full 12 months,  7 days from the purchase date.   To adopt an alpaca simply select one of the 4 alpacas below, enter the birthday of the adoptee and personal message and we’ll send out the adoption pack within 7 days of purchase.


£80.00 + postage

  • Personal Adoption Certificate
  • Personalised notebook with pictures of your adopted alpaca
  • Information about your Adopted Alpaca
  • A Keyring/bag charm with a photo and feltball made from the adopted alpacas fleece
  • A customised mug featuring the adopted alpaca and his friends
  • A trekking voucher to walk the adopted alpaca with a friend or relative in attendance
  • A customised birthday card to be sent to the recipent


Can the adoptee visit their alpaca?

Yes!  Included in the adoption package is a voucher for the adoptee to walk with their alpaca and to bring a friend or relation along too.  If the friend or relation would like to upgrade their experience to include a walk with their very own alpaca too then just upgrade when you book your trek.

How do I know which one to choose?

All our alpacas are gentle and sweet but they do have their own personalities and that’s why we have a little biography so you can match the alpaca to the adoptee.  

Can I adopt an alpaca for a child?

There is no age restriction for a child to adopt, but do bear in mind when it comes to trekking with the alpaca we do advise that the child is over 5 years old and when coming along for their trek is accompanied by an adults (we can provide an extra lead when the child comes to walk the alpaca.  

What do I do if I want the adoption package to start on a specific day?

If you would like the adoption package to start on a different date then just call us or email us within 1 day of the purchase and we will make a change to start date in line with your requests. 

Adoption packages include the following

Personal Adoption Certificate and information regarding your alpaca
A custom designed notebook with photos of your adopted alpaca
Information about your Adopted Alpaca
A Photo keyring/bag charm and feltball made from your alpacas' fleece
A trek with your alpaca

Leon is an intelligent, curious and friendly alpaca who absolutely loves people.  Leon has beautiful black fleece and enjoys having his neck stroked.

Alan is a happy alpaca, always on the look out for his favourite food and likes to visit new paddocks and make new friends.

Whiskey is a sweet alpaca and, in our opinion, the cutest alpaca on the farm.  He loves his alpaca friends but also loves to be around people too.

Duke is a very handsome alpaca with a very calm and chilled temperament, he loves nothing more than eating clover and laying in the sun.