Alpaca Husbandry

Join us on the farm where you will learn how to take care of these gentle and fascinating creatures.  Topics covered include the following:

    •     – Considerations for keeping an alpaca eg. land, shelter, company Feeding, diet and nutrition
    •     – Assessing an alpaca (fleece and conformation)
    •     – Herding, handling and haltering an alpaca
    •     – Day to day husbandry tasks such as trimming toenails, body scoring, spotting health problems
    •     – Common complaints how to spot them and what to do


The course will be part classroom and part hands-on with the alpacas so attendees should come prepared for the elements A minimum of 5 attendees are required for the course to run.  If the minimum number of people is not reached then attendees will be notified by the 30th of August.



Sep 21 2019



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