Brackenfield Alpacas

We have a small herd of prize winning alpacas located in the stunning Amber Valley in Derbyshire.

Events on the Farm Alpacas for Sale

Meet the Alpacas

ALpaca Trekking

Take a stroll around our 17 acre farm situated in the stunning Amber Valley with one of our beautiful alpacas. As part of the walk you will find out more about these fascinating creatures from our knowledgeable guides as well as finding out more about how the farm is being ‘wilded’ to encourage more diversity in plants and animals.

ALPaca Husbandry

Do you want to keep alpacas yourself?  We run alpaca husbandry courses that take you through the basics of looking after camelids from the type and amount of land you will need to keep your alpacas healthy, through to feeding regimes, common problems and what to look for when buying your first alpaca.

alpacas for Sale


Light Fawn, Female – Huacaya

Romulus (SOLD)

Mid Fawn, Male – Huacaya

Gatsby (SOLD)

Black, Male – Hucaya

 Animal Welfare is key for us so we only sell our alpacas to prospective owners who are either experienced in looking after camelids or who have attended alpaca husbandry courses with a reputable alpaca breeder. 

FOR Breeders


Arabian Night

Arabian is a stunning brown Suri alpaca, he was awarded Champion Brown Male at the National Halter Show in 2012 and has consistently produced prize winning offspring.

Manitoba Fox

Manitoba Fox is our newest stud and his impressive lineage as well as being Supreme Champion at the 3 counties show. He is quite simply one of the finest Suri alpacas in the UK.  

Fleece for Sale

 We have quality unskirted fleeces for sale, both Huacaya (ideal for spinners) and Suri (ideal for doll makers and mixing with silk) fleece, in a range of colours.  We can sell whole or part fleeces depending on the requirements.  Contact us to find out what colours we currently have in stock. 

Upcoming Events

SEPTEMBER 21 - Alpaca HusbandrY Course

10am – 4pm For anyone wanting to keep alpacas or are just interested in these fascinating animals.  

every saturday - Alpaca trekking and experience

10am or 2pm Visit the farm and meet the alpacas.  The experience includes a trek around the farm and then spending time with some of the alpacas born on the farm this year.