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Let your friends and loved ones enjoy an unforgettable alpaca experience by purchasing a gift voucher.  Our gift vouchers can be used to fully or partially cover an experience and do not expire.  We have two types of experience, both last for 90 minutes and allow you to spend plenty of time with our herd of alpacas feeding them in their paddocks, the first includes a walk around the farm with your very own alpaca at £25 and the second experience also includes a walk around the farm but without an alpaca at £15. We do not charge for children under 3 years old and at least one person must be walking an alpaca in any group

Walks start at 10am or 2pm and last for approximately 90 minutes. For details about how you reclaim your voucher refer to the ‘Terms & Conditions’ tab.

We look forward to welcoming you on the farm!

Terms & Conditions

  • There are no expiry dates on any vouchers purchased
  • Vouchers can only be used once
  • Vouchers entitle you to the monetary equivalent off any alpaca experience
  • Where the cost of the experience exceeds the monetary equivalent of the experience booked the customer will be requested to pay the difference
  • On purchasing a voucher the customer will receive an email with the voucher code, if the email does not arrive please check your junk folder.  If the email is not in your junk folder then please contact to request another email to be sent
  • Book your trek by contacting us via email quoting your voucher number or by phone